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What we need to create a good web design for you

We often get enquiries along the lines of: Hi. I like your web designs. I need a website. How much do you charge?, which is fair enough, but obviously we need more information to answer that question accurately.

Here is a list of questions that we would need answers to in order to give you a decent response:

Do you have a budget?

Do you have a set deadline?

Do you require a logo?

Do you have a list of pages you need on your website?

Do you already have a web presence?

Do you require hosting and a domain name?

Are there any online points of reference?

The questions will basically build a brief which we can then write a proposal to. If you have a brief already, double check it based on the information below to ensure everything is covered

Do You Have A Budget?

That is right. Straight to the nitty gritty. In order to take an enquiry further we need to know that what you require matches any budget you have in mind for the project. There is no point putting together a proposal if the budget is not there. It would be a waste of time for both parties.

Proposals can often be written to get a balance between your budget and the requirements of the project, with non-essential elements removed or perhaps shelved  to be a stage 2 consideration once the initial project is completed, signed-off and paid for.

Do You Have A Set Deadline?

At Vision Web Design our time is often booked up months in advance especially when considering large scale projects (such as web projects from conception to solution). If the deadline is not achievable  based on the time that would be required to complete project and considering our schedule at that time, then it may be best not to take the enquiry too far, so both parties are not wasting time.

Again, projects can often be staged to some extent to suit deadlines, and depending on the project in some cases our schedule can be adjusted to suit project needs.

We try to avoid ‘cramming’ in terms project development. If the time isn’t there for us to do the job properly, and in accordance with our quality control procedure, we will be inclined to turn the project down.

Do you have a list of pages you need on your website?

It is helpful if you already have and idea of what pages you feel you need and the elements you expect to see. This will give us an idea of all the elements that will need costing in to the project.

Do you already have a web presence?

Be it just a holding page or an entire website (perhaps you have contacted me regarding re-design and re-development of a site), the implications of already having a site will affect the decisions made on the next stage of development, I tell thee.

Do you require hosting and a domain name?

We would recommend that if you are starting from scratch on a project, that we deal with your hosting and domain name requirements. We can suggest a perfect hosting plan your your website and guide you on a domain name as well if needed.

Are there any online points of reference?

These could be other websites that you feel are useful in terms of look, feel, functionality, features etc. Or perhaps competitor websites.

Obviously any websites you show me will only be points of reference at this time, with considerations such as: your brand, your target audience, the intended content on the site etc., having the biggest ‘say’ on how your site looks and feels.
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